SPIDER Surgery - Scarless Gallbladder Removal

SPIDER Surgery - Scarless Gallbladder Removal

Less invasive surgery is less invasive to your life.  That's the future of surgery.  Watch a webcast featuring the SPIDER Surgical System to perform a scarless, minimally invasive gallbladder removal from West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. Surgeon Juan Carlos Verdeja, M.D., will perform the procedure.  Benefits of SPIDER surgery may include a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery time, and a more appealing cosmetic outcome versus traditional laparoscopic surgery.  During the LIVE webcast, viewers are encouraged to send email questions to Dr. Verdeja.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital is a teaching hospital with surgical, emergency, maternity and diagnostic units. The hospital represents the first completely new, non-replacement hospital built in Miami in more than 35 years.



Juan Carlos Verdeja

Juan Carlos Verdeja, MD

Founding President of the Medical Staff - West Kendall Baptist Hospital